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March 11, 2004
I*Con and Links

March 11, 2004

So, on March 26th through 28th, I'll be at Icon 23 at SUNY Stonybrook. Aside from guests who've been in both the original Battlestar Galactica and the remake (what? No Battlestar Galactica 1980?!), the webcomic guests will be Tim Buckely of Ctrl-Alt-Del, Brian Clevinger of 8-Bit Theater, Ghastly of Ghastly's Ghastly Comic, J.D. Illiad Frazer of User Friendly, Jonathon Rosenberg of Goats and Ted Slampyak of Jazz Age Comics.

Also, a few friends who have comics you should look at: Ian J's RPG World and Ian Comix; Josh Mirman's Stubble; Meredith Gran's Skirting Danger (yes, it's a subscription site, but it's just $2.95 a month, and worth at least a look); and Misha and Crash's Cheshire Grin (I shared a table with these two at Obercon - very cool guys who also have a hand in the roleplaying game, The Everlasting.

And speaking of roleplaying games, there are two D20 suppliments I thought I'd point out because they're both DEDICATED to Something Positive! The Book of Strongholds and Dyansties is by Adrian Bott, published by Mongoose Publishing and was actually dedicated to PeeJee (and she seemed flattered when she found out), and the book is really impressive. The Player's Guide to Rangers and Rogues comes from Sword & Sorcery from authors James Maliszewski and Rhiannon Louve, who dedicated it to... me. *blink* Since rogues are my favorite class, I think it's appropriate. Thanks, guys! -R